The mission of pointOne Interior Design Center is to assist their clientele in creating unique and high quality interiors in their homes. Whether you’re looking for universal coverings, design accessories or exclusive furniture pieces, the interior design center can help you with exceptional solutions. pointOne, the new showroom of pointzero is not just a ‘showroom’ in the traditional sense of the word. It is a location for professionals to meet, for interior decorators to see and compare the latest trends in design, a central location for architects and interior designers to find inspiration and hold meetings.




1054 Budapest, Szabadság tér 14.



Cedit started out as an independent factory, and was later acquired by the Florim group, which decided to resurrect the then-defunct brand in 2016. The original and the current Cedit shares the ethos of collaborative design, working with renowned Italian designers and artists on their collections.


There is only one limit to the atmospheric effect a carpet can create - your imagination. From simple and understated to vibrant and unique, you can find any type of carpetry among Milliken’s collections. In addition to a wide range of standard designs, they also offer a bespoke option with patterns created exclusively for you.

Inkiostro Bianco

Inkiostro Bianco’s wallpapers and parquetry are overflowing with creativity, art and originality. Reimagining the classic tapestry gives birth to various collections, on which artists and designers work together combining different styles and inspirations.

Diesel with Moroso

Moroso has a long history of collaborating with the world’s most talented designers, with whom they create their truly luxurious seating products. With the foundation of Diesel with Moroso they gave life to a product line that merges two aspects of two eras through their products.