Casati Color

"Colors give life to our environment, Casati gives life to colors" - goes the slogan of Casati Paintworks, who have been lending their professional know-how and experience to the paint industry since 1935. Their products, that are produced according to the highest of standards, are bestsellers both in the building industry (ie. indoors and outdoors paint, plaster, sealant) and among materials used for private residences (ie. water paints, solvent agents, environment-friendly paints, decorational tarnish). Their product range is widened by aerosol products, varnishes, anti-rust paints, ground coats, coloring agents and paint thinners.

Casati Color Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Casati paints in Hungary since 1998. Casati products incorporate all the positive qualities of a reliable technology, complemented by the careful selection of ingredients, continuous development, and close cooperation with partners based on their comprehensive feedback.



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