Sezlon Galéria

Sezlon Gallery is the latest venture of a third-generation home-making business. Changes in society paved the way for a new and discerning set of design-conscious customers, and a need for a contemporary design gallery free of snobbery and sterotypes has become increasingly obvious. With a focus on individuality, originality and outstanding quality, Sezlon Gallery aspires to communicate the values of good design to an increasingly wide audience. For those who want to get to know the most extraordinary European seating solutions, Sezlon introduces one of Germany’s largest design manufacturers in Himolla with a selection of sofas and lounge chairs. They will also be displaying assorted furniture from Brühl, a unique and innovative manufacturer of luxurious upholstered furniture.



1015 Budapest Batthyány utca 61.



German firm Himolla, offering elegant furnishing solutions, started out as a family business, and by today they are a significant member of the carpentry & furniture manufacturing market. Their products are not only comfortable and durable, but - thanks to their versatility - are also able to fit into any home with ease.


Clean, bright design, youthful zest, distinctively unique shapes, environmental consciousness - these are the terms that first come to mind about Brühl. Starting out as a family venture, they have become a major European manufacturer, collecting a range of design awards year-by-year for their interesting and practical pieces.