2018. 08. 27

Exhibitor Portrait – Solinfo Lighting & Home

It’s always a great pleasure and honour to meet a Hungarian enterprise who offers design solutions that stand out even on international levels. Solinfo, who will also be attending S/ALON BUDAPEST Exhibition, is such an enterprise as they have been representing good design locally and worldwide for almost 30 years. Their consultants approach the industry with honest enthusiasm and expertise, always working closely with their customers in order to find personal and exciting solutions. This continuous rejuvenation and entrepreneurial spirit are the reasons that what once was a simple lighting shop has since become the bastion of high-end design articles and services. Join us below to meet Solinfo!

At the headquarters of Solinfo Lighting & Home (based in Wesselényi street) the most dominant role is played by the outstanding design solutions, including everything from technical and design lighting all the way to high-end furniture and accessories. The showroom hosts the unique 2-in-1 Solinfo Café too where people can not only relax, but can also buy design accessories displayed on the premises as the Café also operates as a Tom Dixon Shop. Thanks to their dynamically expanding portfolio you can find more and more brands that are related to the Solinfo family, such as Solinfo Design Embassy, Lighting Embassy, or VITRIN.

The Hungarian ambassador of leading design will prepare pure delicacies for the interior styling fans at S/ALON BUDAPEST Exhibition – the Molteni and Vitra installations will provide a tiny glimpse into the highest citadel of the international design scene.

Molteni furniture encapsulates its century-old Italian design heritage. This true design icon brings everlasting luxury into your home with its excellent use of material, measuring up to all quality expectations while making no compromises. The carefully planned interior brings back the spirit and atmosphere of the Molteni Flagship Store, born from the partnership of Molteni and Solinfo. The meticulously chosen, exquisite items will give you a taste of the immaculate elegance represented by Molteni.

Besides representing unmitigated Italian luxury, the brand also prepares something for the fans of breezier spaces and articles. The collection of Swiss design icon, Vitra, will be displaying the cream of global design with the help of such items as the Mariposa sofa or the Eames Lounge Chair. According to Vitra’s philosophy the ideal home should be a sort of collage, which is inspired by its inhabitants’ personality and history. This is how Vitra furniture can be paired with your favorite antiques in perfect unity, and how it can also become the most important piece of your living room. In the interior designed by Aliz Matisz you will be able to meet these 20th century design icons face-to-face, you can get to know the latest trends in home design, and rendezvous with a true European design stalwart.

And what does the future hold? What else than countless unique moments and unrivalled design solutions! Come to Budapest Aréna between September 21st and 23rd and get to know the vision and products represented by Solinfo.



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