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2019. 04. 17

Exhibitor portrait: pointone & pointzero

Bold but elegant design solutions and uncompromising quality define pointone and pointzero, interior design centres of the Decor Floor brand. Visitors of S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018 surely remember the unique and unmistakable installation brought to the exhibition by this family of brands. We talked to Tirza Ress marketing manager about the past, present, Italian designer traditions and all you can expect from pointone and pointzero in 2019. Read on and find out more about one of Hungary’s leading premium design brands!

How would you introduce the Decor Floor & pointone & pointzero trio?

TR: S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018 saw the debut of pointone and pointzero, offering premium design solutions for domestic environments. Their parent company, Decor Floor has been present in Hungary for the past 20 years, providing flooring solutions for offices and institutions such as hospitals and sport venues.Through these projects, Decor Floor has met a number of clients who suggested that the qualities and design solutions represented by Decor Floor would be welcome in domestic environments as well. This gave us the idea, first in 2005, to introduce Decor Floor to everyday homes as well. This led to opening of  the pointzero showroom in Budapest.It was a bold move, but it’s characteristic of the strategic decisions of Gusztáv Lovas and Péter Vörös, executive directors of Decor Floor. They believe in the value and power of quality. The success of pointzero led to the opening of our second showroom, pointone in 2017.

In what way are these two showrooms different?

TR: It was important for us to have two showrooms that share the same philosophy, but have distinct characters. Pointzero sits in a calm, pleasent environment in the Buda side of the capital, easy to reach by car. On the other hand, pointone is an electric and lively showroom in the heart of Budapest, perfect for a moment of inspiration even on your busiest workday. Pointone is also the exclusive Hungarian showroom of CEDIT - an extraordinary Italian brand with a long history. We take pride in our relationship with the Florim group, present since the first steps of our business.

Pointone is also described as a meeting point. How does that translate into practice?

TR: This new showroom has been labelled ’Meeting Point’, which encapsulates several concepts: it’s symbolic for the brand group; it’s a perfect metaphor for the showroom’s lively, downtown atmosphere that is easy to reach, and it can be a literal meeting point: interior decorators and designers are invited to hold business meetings, even without the presence of vendors. If there are questions or issues to be solved, or the planning process needs to move into the next phase, pointone provides solutions and inspirations. Architects and designers meet with their clients here everyday, as pointone is a pleasant, suitable and comfortable environment for negotiations. Our catalogues in the showroom also inspire, and professional help is really within arm’s reach. Talks and workshops are also regularly held here - for university studenst, and also for representatives of our business partners, who can thus hear about our latest products and collections firsthand. Our annual client meetings are also held at our own showrooms, where we celebrate our accomplishments and achievements together in an environment that is representative of our philosophy.

All this sounds very exciting! How do you sustain business growth?

TR: We don’t become fragmented. We mostly work with flagship brands, having exclusive distributing rights for a number of them. It’s important for us to have a focused product range, as we have a well-defined concept of quality, delivery time and design standards. The same way we believe in ourselves, we believe in our business partners as well.

A lot of businesses are afraid of bold decisions, but we’re not. Often we tend to present rather shocking products that are sure to have an impact on customers and clients. We represent high-end materials, traditional brands and timeless quality. With our line of accessories, we aim for endless creativity.

Which school of design is closest to your philosophy?

TR: Italian design is something we share values with: Italian design ideas and solutions are perfect for our clients and our interior designers. It has been tried and tested, and we believe it’s the right path for us. Just to pick one example: the ceramic floors of Florim, one of our biggest partners, really speak for themselves. There’s no need to explain why they are extraordinary once you’ve seen them. The same is true for our partners’ line of furniture and accessories. They always come up with something new, something amazing.

Where can we next see you?

TR: Decor Floor has always been present at a number of professional exhibitions, and now, thanks to S/ALON BUDAPEST, pointone and pointzero can also be introduced to the public. 

An exhibition such as S/ALON BUDAPEST is truly the best platform for presenting our philosophy and products to the general public. It’s a great opportunity for expanding our clientele. Visitors can finally see that these products are available in Hungary - you don’t have to travel around the world to meet exceptional quality and beautiful design. After S/ALON BUDAPEST 2018 we got tremendous feedback confirming that there’s a demand for exhibitions like this. There were a number of people who didn’t know who we were before S/ALON BUDAPEST, and there were visitors who worked with us previously, but now they reached out again regarding their refurbishments. We are looking forward to S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019 - we’d like to make an even bigger mark on this year’s exhibition, while also showing a bit more of Decor Floor.

Preparations for S/ALON BUDAPEST 2019 have already begun. Follow our official Facebook page and join the official Facebook event for updates, information and much more!



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