Tectona Grandis

There are those who know what they expect from their investments, their choices, their purchases and their lives. They aren’t following anyone - they are breaking new grounds. They thrive to new heights and expect the same from others. They live their lives to the fullest and they make good decisions. They are confident. They know what’s good and they make it happen. Tectona Grandis offers an extensive range of outdoor design furniture for these people. Tectona Grandis was founded 19 years ago to create a home in the heart of nature. Its showroom features more than 40 garden furniture brands to help you find the perfect set of furnitures for your outdoor moments.




1021 Budapest Hűvösvölgyi út 181.



Exclusive and modern outdoor furniture - these are the signature aspects of Belgian Tribú. Started as a family venture in the ’90s, they pioneered the philosophy of considering the terrace and the garden an extension of the interior.




All of Dedon’s work is held to the highest standards of design and innovation, evidenced by their collaborative projects with leading designers like Philippe Starck. The designers came up with the concept of ’barefeet luxury’ on the isle of Dedon, championing a slower lifestyle that does away with frivolous consumption and focuses more on sensual experiences.




What guarantees the quality of the original and sophisticated products of Talenti design is the perfect combination of industrial technologies with an artisanal approach to production. Their primary aim is create a new outdoor lifestyle through creative use of shapes, colors and materials.