SIL Design

SIL DESIGN, founded more than 25 years ago is one of the country’s foremost companies in the fields of interior design and furniture distribution. Their list of partners and affiliates involves more than 200 outstanding companies, many of which are leaders in their field, and several of which they are the exclusive distributors of in Hungary.



1055 Budapest Falk Miksa u. 3.



Poliform is one of the most established high-end furniture manufacturers of the world. Their portfolio is based on the balance of design, hues and materials, making their pieces capable of creating unparalleled harmony in your living room, your bedroo, your wardrobe or your kitchen.


One of the world’s most famous fireplace factories is the french Focus, founded in 1967, led by Dominique Imbert. The world-renowned designer is inspired by everyday objects around him - this is how steel fireplaces,that are reminiscent of a decaying building or a futuristic statue, can become reality in their Montpellier workshop.


The lamps of the world-famous Italian company are not merely funcional lighting appliances, but extraordinary design objects that fill spaces with beauty and emotion. Foscarini design is about the freedom of independent fantasy and the unmatched combination of rigour and passion.